Aerthe is a Software, Media and 3D company based in Curaçao.

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We are a Software, Web, Data, 3D, AR, VR and Media Development Company

Turning ideas into interactive digital experiences for Web, Desktop and Mobile. For Entertainment, Education or Knowledge Transfer purposes.

We provide the following services:
– General ICT Services
– Windows Development
– Database Maintenance and Development
– Media, 3D, AR and VR Development
– Web Development
– App Development

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3D Digitizing

Now working on:

Currently we are working on 3D Digitizing a Cove on the Island of Curaçao.

To check a demo of the interactive version of this 3D Model, please go to our Demos area. The demo is about a 132MB download, so please be patient while the demo is loading.

Check back often to see updates to this and other 3D Projects!

The App showing points of interest on an (offline) map of Curaçao, has turned into a Template to be used for any Geographic-enabled Apps. Please contact us for any inquiries!

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