Using this software you will be able to control your mouse using your phone.


Remote Mouse Software is a set of software (Windows, Node.js and Android) that allows you to use your phone (only Android as of now) to move your mouse and simulate mouse clicks on your PC or Laptop.

The steps involved to use Remote Mouse are as follows:

  • Download the Remote Mouse zip file
  • Extract the zip file somewhere on your pc, by right-clicking on the file, and selecting "Extract all..."
  • Start the Remote Launcher by double clicking on the "Remote Mouse.exe" file

    The interface of Remote Mouse Launcher is started:
  • To visit our site, click on the Remote Mouse Logo

  • To Exit Remote Mouse click on the red X in the top right

  • Click on the image (showing a QR Code) shown beside the number 1, or click on the number 1 or the text "Server" to start the Remote Server in order to receive connections and to serve files

  • The Remote Mouse Server is started, and is now accepting connections:

  • The Remote Mouse Server shows a QR Code that needs to be scanned by the Remote Mouse Client App in order to connect to the Server

  • The APK (installable file for Android) for the Remote Mouse Client App is made available at the URL shown at number 3

  • This APK file can be downloaded and installed on the phone from the URL shown in the Launcher. The file can also be installed or sent through a USB connection connected to the phone

  • After the App is installed, run it. On the first run, the App will open the Camera. Scan the QR code shown in the Server, by "taking a picture" of the QR code with the Camera

  • After scanning the QR code, the App will connect to the Server

  • To translate touches on the phone to movement or clicks of the mouse, the Remote Mouse Controller needs to be started

  • Click on the number 2 icon or its image in the Launcher to start the Controller

  • The Remote Mouse Controller is started:

  • In this App you can see touch movements from the phone on Windows, and you can select what kind of mousepad you want to use on your phone

  • The default mode, is using the whole screen of the phone as the mousepad. This mode uses one finger use. Tapping on a point will simulate the Left-click on Windows

  • Select the alternate mousepad by clicking on the radiobox for the second mousepad. This mode allows using two fingers to move the mouse and clicking or selecting at the same time. This mousepad covers about two thirds of the phone screen and has Left- and Right-click buttons (green and blue) to simulate Left- and Right Mouse Moves/Clicks/Button Ups and Downs

  • That's it! You can now control your mouse using your phone. Good for presentations or any "being away from the mouse"-situations



Download the Zip file, extract it somewhere on your computer and run the executable.

For a detailed look, please check the video below:

Click to enlarge


I would like to thank the following authors for using their 3D Creations: